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Peter Popoff: His Life and the Propagation of His Ministry

During the beginning of Peter Popoff in the ministry, God compelled him to reach out to Eastern Europe as well as the underground church being persecuted by Communism.

Peter's predecessors were known to be martyrs of faith before going over to the United States. Despite harassment from the Communist authorities, Peter's father and family escaped Berlin, and came to the USA in 1950. Even so, these terrible experiences from Peter's child years called him to enter God's ministry.

* He married Elizabeth in 1971 and that was the year also when the Peter Popoff Ministries was started.

*Peter continue to preach Gods good news since he began the radio program in 1971. He resided in a time of constant chaos, that's why he preach God's word to the people of Eastern Europe and China thru leading the Bible smuggling operations to these places.

*Peter used some uncommon means with God's guidance as a way to preach the Message to the men and women residing in oppressed countries.

*Peter's way of bombarding the cities with the Gospel is through using helium filled balloons. These Gospels are sealed in waterproof coverings carried by waves for lecturers to have it and then spread the Gospel even if it's forbidden in such areas. This approach of reaching out to the people was a big success.

*Up until now, thousands of Christian followers are grateful for Peter's endeavours and unequalled dedication. Thanks to Peter Popoff, they do know how to work and live their religious lives.

* Peter lives in his thought that through various ways, no single heart can't be penetrated by the Gospel. He added that launching teams is going to do whatever it takes, whether it's filling up balloons with tracks or dropping literature into the ocean, just to reach out to the countries that are closed to God's Word. Peter Popoff directly or indirectly distributed a lot of Gospel literature throughout the world.

* Reverend Popoff also brought revival meetings flooded with people who, in one way or another, wanted to feel the strength of God by listening to his prophetic preaching and faith healing too. Actually, in the town of Odessa, Russia, over 30,000 people gathered during only one service where God's miracle-working strength took over and set people free.

* Since his childhood, Peter believed he was called to reach the world with the Gospel. His heart was filled with devotion and passion in preaching the good news of God's love to all people.

* In 1982, Peter expanded his horizons and began a tv show. Today, his powerful weekly program can be noticed on major TV networks throughout North America and is taken by satellite to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

* For over 40 years, Peter Popoff has spearheaded a ministry that has proclaimed the life-changing miracle power of Jesus Christ.

Peter Popoff Ministries always wanted to let other people, particularly those who are yearning for the Word of God, to feel how great He is. This wish of the great evangelist and his ministry has led to the recuperation of a lot of people all over the world.